Can you make an impression in 15 seconds?

In today’s economy where jobs are scarce and the competition fierce, a great resume can bring you much closer to success. Employers and hiring managers spend, more or less, 15 seconds scanning a resume for the first time. Unless your resume looks and feels professional, current, and personalized, they will discard it alongside hundred others that have that generic look, regardless of its contents.


After investing your time, money, and efforts to obtain the skills and qualifications for the career you want, it is only logical to make one last, however vital investment to your success and let me help you craft a killer resume that will help you get the job of your dreams.


Elona Barjamaj.


Why choose me?

Aside from being a Member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, and a Certified Professional Resume Writer, I hold a BA in Sociology from Ryerson University. Furthermore, my extensive experience in sales, customer service, business development, employee training, communications, research, and writing, give me the knowledge and tools to produce appealing and dynamic resumes with strong, remarkable, strategic statements that will guarantee you an interview.